An Introduction

Welcome! This website is dedicated to providing resources to develop worship for the glory of God in the corporate gatherings of the local church and in all of life. As founder of this ministry I sincerely believe that only Christian worship that is God-centered in its origins, purposes, designs, and practices is prepared to accomplish this high mission. It is my conviction that right understanding, belief, and practice must be cultivated—improved by study, labor, care, and submission to the illumination and work of the Holy Spirit—in order that a deep biblical understanding may bear fruit in the development of godly philosophy, aesthetics, poetry, and music in the devotional practice of worship.

Christians that brought about reformation in the 16th century used the phrase semper reformanda, or “reformed and always reforming” to remind themselves that God’s people always need to consider how we may more fully please him in all things. This does not mean that established doctrines change—rather that we continually work to be more faithful in living out the doctrines that have been established. In this spirit, the material on this site is offered with Christian humility and a heart that longs circumspectly to honor God in all things.

Shawn T. Eaton, D.M.A.

Cultivating God-Centered Worship